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SPS astrology is the brainchild of Sri Shankar Pratap Singh, a pioneer in vedic astrology who has dedicated 20 years of extensive research into it. We are dedicated to bring change in the lives of people through the ancient science of vedic astrology. We at SPS astrology help people find the right direction in their life by analyzing their horoscope with the most intricate detailing to make the most accurate prediction. Every report and consultation which we offer are 100% personal consultations and the reports are written manually under the personal guidance of Sri Shankar Pratap Singh Ji. Many of our clients have been shocked at the accuracy of predictions made in our reports. We are dedicated to the people who dedicate their trust on us. Astrology can play a strong role in guiding people towards the right path and shankarpratapsingh.com is the best guiding beacon one will ever come across.

What we offer

Different Consultations


An overview of your career. Whether you should go for Job or Business, which field, which industry ? In demand consultancy in various available formats

Life Overview

Get a general consultancy of the major areas of your life. Most suited if you are not looking for an in-debth analysis of a single area of your horoscope


Get an overview of the married life of an individual chart. You can either book this for yourself or for someone you are looking forward to marry

Horoscope Matching

We not only match the gunas, but also look for compatibility between the couple in other important areas. Highly recommended before marriage

Child Birth

If you are having troubles regarding the birth of your child. This is the right consultancy for you. Get Answers to the major questions you have


An overview of your health. Whether you are concerned about the diseased you may get easily or the existing ones which are bothering you


Get expert suggestions about which gemstone(s) you should wear, how, when, and why. Highly recommendated to consult.

Foreign Settlement

It is trending topic nowadays. Whether you will get a successful foreign settlement or not, how, when and what can you do to increase the chances


An overview of your educational part of life. Which field is best suited for your soul and what aligns most with the qualities you possess

Telephonic Consultancy (1 Hour 30 min)$ 250
Telephonic Consultancy (60 min)$ 175
Telephonic Consultancy (30 min)$ 100
Telephonic Vedic Gemstone Recommendation$ 75
Telephonic Individual Remedy$ 50

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